Woodcraft Preview Spotlight on National Conference & Vendor Trade Show 2014

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Trade Show

The American Woodshop's Scott and Suzy Phillips Greet Woodcraft's Vendors to the Trade Show

Woodcraft is holding its 17th annual National Sales Conference and Vendor Trade Show in Columbus beginning June 2nd through June 5th, 2014.  Not only is it an opportunity for all of our store franchise owners to get together under one roof with our corporate personnel, but for all of us to hone our skills in taking better care of  you the customer.  Additionally, there will be a two-day trade show featuring over 110 vendors demonstrating new and current products while talking shop during the week.  We’ll be providing you all the coverage through our Woodworking Adventures blog siteFacebookTwitterYouTube, and Pinterest social media channels.  This conference is open ONLY to Woodcraft personnel and their vendors.  Here’s a sneak peak into a few new products that we’ll be taking a look at during the show.

Micro Jig will be offering the all NEW Gravity Heel Kit.  The Gravity Heel is a fully adjustable heel with auto-retracting technology to provide commanding pushing power.  Hooks the tail end of your work piece and automatically retracts mid-board.  Provides extra leverage to help push through the cut and prevent blow out.  Kit includes 5 Heels, 2 Heel Spacers and mounting hardware.  Adjustable from 0-1”.  Fits any existing GRR-RIPPER.  Replacement Heels are available in packs of 5.  The Gravity Heel Block helps provide a secure backing for operations on your router table, jointer, bandsaw, and tablesaw.  For smoother, safer, more controlled results, it’s a perfect addition to an already perfect product!  Made in America, it will be available at your local Woodcraft store or online, August 2014.

Easy Wood Tools is also announcing the Easy Jaws & Big Easy Jaws for soft gripping on the rims of bowls, platters and hollow forms.

Key Features Include:

  • Big Easy Jaw that will reverse chuck both small and large projects on lathes up to 20″.
  • Easy Dovetail Urethane Grippers that will not mark or damage your projects.
  • Snap-Lock Technology, allowing you to install onto your Easy Check in about 30 seconds.

How the Big Easy Jaws work:

And for those special design shapes, Easy Wood Tools has developed the 2″ Easy Reach Grippers!

The new Easy Wood Tools, 1/8″ Easy Parting Tool, Easy Jaws, Big Easy Jaws & Easy Reach Grippers will be available at your local Woodcraft store or at www.Woodcraft.com mid-June 2014.

Work Sharp will be on hand to exhibit their Ken Onion Edition Knife & Tool Sharpener…

Trade Show

Sharpens every knife you own using an adjustable precision sharpening guide, variable speed and premium flexible abrasive belts.  It quickly and easily makes your blades sharper than ever.  Work Sharp Engineered, Ken Onion Designed.  Spend more time woodworking and less time sharpening!  Work Sharp has partnered with legendary hall of fame knife maker Ken Onion to develop a new knife and tool sharpening platform with expanded features!  The combination of Work Sharp engineering and Ken’s industrial design has created a fast, easy way to sharpen all your knives and tools with precision and repeatability.  This new sharpener utilizes a fully adjustable (15° to 30°) precision sharpening guide, is variable-speed (1200 SFM to 2800 SFM) and has wide, flexible, premium abrasive belts.  It will sharpen pocket knives, hunting knives, serrated knives, kitchen knives and any other shape or type of blade.  Includes five abrasive belts: P120, X65 (P220), X22 (P1000), X4 (P3000) and 6000.  This product is currently available at your local store and at Woodcraft.com.

Earlex has taken HVLP spray systems to a new level by designing the Professional Spraying 6000 Series Turbines in conjunction with new Pro-8 Spray Guns.

Trade Show

The systems were designed on the premise of these 5 key benefits:

• Improved performance on 6900 series.
• New lighter high end spray gun with professional performance at a price comfortable with a woodworkers, or contractor’s pocket.
• Ability to have a wider spray pattern.
• The lightest, most flexible professional hose on the market.
• On board storage for spray gun with hose attached.

The 6000 Series feature two turbines designed to suite the experienced woodworker, small paint or finishing shop and the contractor for occasional on site use.

Look for Earlex’s new SprayPort Professional Spraying Systems at your local Woodcraft store and online late summer to early fall 2014.

Trade Show

Our final entry for this sneak peak into our trade show and conference takes a look at the new Woodcraft WoodRiver No. 62 Low Angle Jack Plane.  Priced at $199.99, it will be available mid-June 2014.

Originally advertised as a plane for heavy stock removal across the grain, the No. 62 has found a home as a smoother and is quite popular among collectors. The WoodRiver® No. 62 is faithful to the original design, but is almost a full pound heavier at approximately 4.6 lbs.  It features a body cast from ductile iron, with a bed angle of 12°, a bubinga tote and front knob, and a Mn65 high-carbon steel blade with a 25° bevel.  The plane measures a little less than 14″ in length x 2.4″ in width and has a 2″-wide blade.

Features include:

  • Heavy ductile iron casting
  • Mn65 high-carbon steel blade
  • Flat Sole and square sides
  • Bubinga tote and front knob
Trade Show

We can’t forget about our 2 PBS Woodworking Warriors, Scott Phillips of The American Woodshop, and Tommy Mac of Rough Cut!  They will be present at the show, sharing their vast knowledge and giving insights to products and tall woodshop tales.

We’ll keep you informed as the week progresses with all the action from Columbus Ohio!

auf Wiedersehen!…Frank

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