Woodcraft Magazine Unveils New Website

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Visitors to the all-new Woodcraft Magazine website will find a “hot-off the press” format with much more content that is now searchable, including downloadable features.  In addition, woodworkers and viewers alike will be invited to post responses to articlesblogs and videos.  As always, we love to get those special tips and techniques to share with everyone through our Share a Slick Tip, Win Cash or a Prize Program.”

“We are very excited about the new website,” editor in chief Tim Snyder said. “We think that this digital destination will be an excellent complement to the content we are putting in the magazine.”

Snyder, who took over as editor on July 1, and advertising sales manager Vic Lombard worked together on the major overhaul of woodcraftmagazine.com. “Vic has experience in designing websites and running social media campaigns for different businesses, so he was the ideal person to spearhead this initiative,” Snyder said.

The goal in offering this new, more interactive website is to support woodworkers. “We want to build the woodworking community, Snyder explained. “First of all we want to attract woodworkers of all ages, abilities and interests. Whether you are a carver, a turner or a furnituremaker, whether you are a retired hobbyist or a woodworking student anticipating a professional career, we want to provide useful content for you,” Snyder said. “We also want the new website to have strong community-building value, enabling woodworkers to post comments and questions.”

A lot of the new content is available to both magazine subscribers and non-subscribers, Snyder said. “We have taken some of the most popular and most useful articles from past issues and made those free on the website – free to everyone.  Additional content is available to subscribers. For example, if you subscribe you can view the current issue, as well as back issues, in PDF format.  To gain access to the additional content, subscribers need to log in and register, using the subscriber ID number from their magazine.”

New Blogs

“We are also providing ongoing new content in the form of blogs, not just from magazine staff members but also from woodworking celebrities Tommy MacDonald, host of Rough Cut – Woodworking with Tommy Mac, and Scott Phillips, co-host with his wife Suzy of The American Woodshop. Our goal is to have new content on the website every week.  Site visitors can expect new videos, blogs, and free access to selected articles from past issues of the magazine. We’ll be posting content produced exclusively for the website. For example, ‘Stuff We Love’ is a way of highlighting tools, products and accessories that the editors and some of our seasoned contributors really like a lot. These are products that can help people out in their workshops”
Other noteworthy changes: (Click on each link below to view)
•The staff is developing a library of short videos for the website that will be free initially.
•Hundreds of project plans, both paper and downloadable, are available at a reasonable cost and can be easily accessed from the website.
•Viewers will get a glimpse “behind the scenes” at the new Woodcraft Magazine blogsite – an inside look at what goes into different articles, including previews of upcoming stories.

Woodcraft Magazine readers will also see major changes starting in the October/November 2015 Issue #67. “The magazine is going through a redesign that is going to make it much more visual and more engaging,” Snyder said. “We’re aiming for less text, more visuals, and a more innovative approach to the presentation of project, technique and tool articles. We’re also going to broaden our reach into more areas of woodworking, like combining wood with metal, tackling built-in cabinetry projects, and rescuing old furniture with different repair and restoration techniques.”

Latest Issue TOC

The new website also boasts each upcoming latest magazine issue complete with a table of contents with an added PDF for viewing and download.

The 10-year old magazine publishes six issues a year, has a Home Series of several DIY publications and a DVD of the first 5 years of the magazine.  Woodcraft is the magazine’s parent company. Learn more about Woodcraft Magazine at www.woodcraftmagazine.com and www.facebook.com/woodcraftmagazine.

About The Woodcraft Magazine Team

Read more about the team that works hard to help inspire you to make wood work; CLICK HERE or on the photo above.

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