Woodcraft Magazine Issue #51- Entertaining Projects For Your Woodshop

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Woodcraft Magazine

Are you ready for Woodcraft Magazine Feb/Mar Issue #51? It’s going to keep you very busy making entertaining projects like a music stand, toy truck, spice cabinet, an heirloom tool chest, and more.  All projects have plan instructions, techniques, jigs and fixtures to help you make it right.  Our hot new tool features the Easy Wood turning chuck and every project comes complete with cut lists and buying guides. There is a special article on Rust Busting by senior editor, Joe Hurst-Wajszczuk, covering many ways to prevent rust from taking over your shop  tools and machines.  If you think it’s too late, Joe has some fixes for those items as well.

In this video, we’ve covered almost all of what you will find inside the magazine.  Since this magazine has already hit the newsstand, your local Woodcraft store, and online, we included one of our customers Toy Truck builds to show you in this video.  Plenty of great feedback has already come through, and we wanted you to know that this issue will give you some new ideas on how to create things differently in your shop, like dovetails you can create using your tablesaw.

So as we toot our own horn with all the great projects for you to enjoy making, we would also love your feedback as you build any or all of these items.

Pick up your copy of Issue #51 today.  Find out who made these projects and how they made them.  If you have questions, we are right here to help!

Head to your shop and make more than just sawdust, make some great projects as Woodcraft Helps You Make Wood Work!

In the Spirit of Excellence…auf Wiedersehen…Frank

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