Woodcraft Adds New SawStop Portable Jobsite Saw to Product Line

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Portable Saw

Woodcraft has added the new SawStop Jobsite Saw to its product line so that customers will have SawStop’s patented safety technology available in a portable table saw.

“It is the first jobsite saw with flesh detecting safety technology,” Woodcraft national power tool sales manager Andrew Bondi said, “So it brings an added level of safety to a work site away from a shop setting, such as for home repair and maintenance, and it is also good for the ‘space challenged’ woodworker with a small shop or garage work area.”

The first SawStop table saw was sold in 2004, equipped with the groundbreaking safety technology invented by founder Dr. Steve Gass in 1999.  A small electrical signal in the saw blade changes when it contacts human skin, and the change activates an aluminum brake that stops the blade in five milliseconds, forcing it under the table and shutting the power off.  The technology has earned awards and recognition, including listing in Time Magazine Best New Inventions 2006.

Portable Saw

Over the past decade, SawStop has built several stationary table saws used by hobbyists, contractors, cabinetmakers, educators, and DIYers.  “Although the cutting-edge safety technology is the most well-known SawStop feature,”  Bondi said, “The Tualatin, Oregon- based company’s saws are also known for unmatched quality, precision and meticulous engineering.”

In designing the first transportable version of its table saw, Bondi said, “SawStop conducted substantial beta testing with professionals in the field for more than a year.  The result is an innovative saw with several time-saving features.  The Jobsite Saw requires just one turn to raise the blade, as opposed as many as 25 turns required by other saws.  Also, the QuickTilt feature allows the user to easily tilt the blade to the desired angle in one-degree increments and then to fine-tune it using the infinitely adjustable Micro Adjust.”

Click this link to read more about the SawStop Jobsite Saw,  and view the video below for more information.  To learn more about SawStop, visit www.sawstop.com.

For more information about Woodcraft, please contact the store nearest you, visit www.woodcraft.com or call Customer Service at 1-(800) 535-4482.  To learn about Woodcraft franchise opportunities, visit www.woodcraftfranchise.com or emailwoodcraftfranchise@woodcraft.com.

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