Woodcraft Adds Half-Pints to Black Dog Salvage Furniture Paint Line

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PHOTO: The nine new Black Dog Salvage Furniture Paint recipes for fall 2017 were used to paint these projects.

Mixing colors and finishing small projects with Black Dog Salvage Furniture Paint will be easier with the new half-pints now available at Woodcraft.

When Black Dog Salvage saw the need for a furniture paint that performed better than other paints currently available, Woodcraft agreed to help develop and launch Black Dog Salvage Furniture Paint about a year ago. Black Dog Salvage is a prominent architectural salvage company based in Roanoke, Virginia, and home to the reality-style TV show Salvage Dawgs. 

One of Black Dog’s criteria for the new paint product was the inclusion of a true black and a true white, so the original 16 colors could be easily mixed. Over the past year Woodcraft has encouraged customers to create their own colors for finishing, refinishing and upcycling projects by offering recipes for new colors.

Woodcraft marketing manager Lori Harper just recently shared the newest recipes on the Woodcraft blog. Earlier Furniture Paint Color Recipes are posted on woodcraft.com and blackdogsalvage.com. 

PHOTO: Recipe cards show the ratio (recipe) for mixing two or more colors to create a brand-new color. 

“In the process of promoting paint mixing, we realized that a half-pint size would make the mixing process more convenient and would also be handy for painting small projects such as boxes, picture frames, vases and toys,” product development manager Kent Harpool said.

To illustrate how the half-pint sizes make mixing easier and avoid lots of leftover paint in different colors, Harpool offered some examples: 

“If you have a project that requires a pint of paint, and you want to use a 1:1 ratio of Blue Ridge and Roanoke Rain to create Virginia Sky, two half-pints will work perfectly. To create a pint and a half of the new Banana, mix the 2:1 ratio with a PintPlus™ of Dog Bone and a half-pint of Baby I’m Amaized. To paint a buffet or larger piece with Cantaloupe, a 2:1:1 ratio recipe, create a quart size by mixing a PintPlus™ of Clean Canvas and a half-pint each of Appalachian Sunset and Caution: Dogs at Work.”

PHOTO: These Mason jar vases are painted with new fall 2017 colors, Brickyard, Banana and Moss.

Originally developed for the furniture built in the Black Dog shop, the water-based, easy to use interior paint is uniquely designed to adhere to most surfaces, cover in a single coat, and dry fast to a smooth matte finish. It can be used on finished and unfinished furniture, woodwork, metal or glass.

To learn more about Woodcraft, please contact the store nearest you, visit www.woodcraft.com or call (800) 535-4482.

For more information about Black Dog Salvage and the projects created from architectural salvage materials, visit www.blackdogsalvage.com.

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