Wine Glass Holder

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Wine Glass Holder
Wine Glass Holder

Cut Profile 

Step I - Cut the holder blank (A) to the dimensions given in the material list.

Locate the holder pattern and adhere to the holder blank using double-sided tape (J) as shown in the inset. 

Using the scroll saw, cut along the outside pattern lines as shown. Follow dotted lines across leaf; you’ll cut this part out later. 

Wine Glass Holder

Mark for Drilling 

Step 2 — Mark the centers of all the circles on the pattern, using an awl as shown.

Wine Glass Holder

Center Hole 

Step 3 — With the 1-1/2” Forstner bit in the drill press, drill out the center hole as shown. Make sure you have a scrap board under your project to prevent tear-out.

Wine Glass Holder

Holes for Glass Stem 

Step 4 - Place a ¾” Forstner bit in the drill press and drill the two holes for the wine glass stems as shown.

Wine Glass Holder

Drill Button Holes 

Step 5 - To drill holes for the larger grapes (buttons), use a ½” Forstner bit and drill  ¼” deep as shown in the inset.

The smaller of the grapes (buttons) are made using a 3/8” Forstner bit and drilling ¼” deep.

Wine Glass Holder

Scroll Saw 

Step 6 - With a #5 blade (F) in the scroll saw, cut along the leaf line up to the ¾” holes as shown. Repeat for the other side of the holder.

Wine Glass Holder

Cut Leaf Veins 

Step 7- Locate the access holes on the leaves and drill using a 5/64” drill bit (E) as shown in the inset.  

To cut the leaf veins, put the scroll saw blade through the previously drilled access holes and cut to the end of the line pattern as shown. Back the blade up carefully and remove. Continue for each leaf vein.  

Wine Glass Holder

Glue Buttons 

Step 8 - Remove the pattern and sand through 220-grit sandpaper. Sand down the

edges of the holder slightly and round the edges of the center hole. 

With wood glue and a mallet, pound the screw hole buttons (B, C) in place as shown. Let dry. 

Finish your wine glass holder with several coats of Danish Oil (I). Let dry and buff with a cloth. 

Material List 

A: holder ½” tall x 7” wide x 10” tall

Supply List 

B: 3/8” screw hole buttons (14) 

C: ½” screw hole buttons (8)

D: 3/8”, ½”, ¾”, 1-1/2” Forstner bits

E: 5/64” drill bit

F: #5 scroll saw blade (1 2.5 TPI) 

G: wood glue

H: awl

I: Watco Danish oil

J: double-sided tape

K: 220-grit sandpaper

L: mallet 

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