Why I love my job

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If you’re a woodworker, you know that there’s always something new to learn. And what better way to expand your woodworking abilities than to visit accomplished woodworkers in their workshops? That’s what we do in every issue of Woodcraft magazine. Although some of the features in the magazine are photographed in our own workshop, we also visit the shops of authors who have special techniques and projects to share. My recent trip to Don Russell’s workshop in the small town of Oxford, GA was a reminder of why I love my job as an editor at Woodcraft magazine. The two days I spent with Don, his buddy John Rudert (who works at the Woodcraft store in Atlanta), and our great photographer, Stan Kaady, were immensely fun and rewarding. I think the photo I’ve included here reveals some of this good spirit.

Don’s specialty is segmented, polychromatic turning –the use of geometrically arranged parts to create multi-colored bowls, vessels and other turned objects. The polychromatic turned holiday ornament he creates for our upcoming holiday issue (Dec./Jan., #68) is a great introduction to this technique. And Don has got his jigs and saw setups so precisely and efficiently organized that he produces polychromatic blanks in bunches. Yes, that’s what you’re seeing in the photo –a box full o’ blanks that are ready to be transformed into beautiful turned objects. Make sure you check out Don’s article in our next issue; you’re going to want to try this out in your own shop.


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