Where’s Rob Cosman?

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Where's Rob

Is Rob Cosman at YOUR local Woodcraft store, teaching Hand Plane Revival and Hand-Cut Dovetail Classes?

Follow Rob on his quest to inform you on everything you need to know about proper hand plane techniques, hand-cut dovetails and great tools to get the job done right. For starters, Rob will be at the Woodcraft Store in Woodridge/Downers Grove, Illinios, Friday January 7th and Saturday January 8th, DON”T MISS THE OPPORTUNITY!

Call 630-435-9663 for more details or email at woodridge-retail@woodcraft.com

Here is Rob’s 2011 schedule for your Woodcraft Store Classes. Click on the links for more store information and sign up today for your hand plane and dovetail Cosman class:

Greenville, SC Jan 21-22
Seattle, WA Feb 17-19
Cincinnati, OH Mar 5-6
Spokane, WA Mar 19-20

Denver, CO Apr 15-16
Dayton, OH Apr 29-30
Nashville, TN May 6-7
Woodridge, IL May 13-14

Rob will also be in London, UK at the “Get Woodworking Live” show Mar 11-12.

Here are results and feedback from Rob Cosman students:

“In my 18 years as a University Professor, I have seldom met a better teacher. In less than two days, I went from never having held a dovetail saw to creating half-blind dovetails with confidence. Rob Cosman’s ability to share his knowledge is extraordinary.”

Herbert Maschner, PhD, Boise, Idaho Woodcraft

“I attended the dovetail class Rob taught in Greenville on October 29th and 30th. I was extremely impressed with the level of instruction.  I have your dovetail DVD and Hand-Cut Dovetails Shop Copy Manual which I had viewed and read prior to attending the class, both of which are a good investment. I also have Rob’s dovetail saw which is the tool that is the key to making quality dovetails. I am a machinist by trade and have learned that if you want to do anything quality, it starts with the tools you use to do the job. Your dovetail saw is a top quality tool and worth every dollar you charge for it. With that said I want to go back to my opening statement and touch on the level of instruction Rob gives to his students. Prior to attending Rob’s class, I made two attempts at home to cut through dovetails both with frustrating results. With your instruction my 5th attempt showed enough promise that I began to feel confident about acquiring the skill necessary to cut really good dovetails by hand.  Toward the end of the class Rob asked us to cut one final through dovetail, which was the 8th dovetail I had cut in my life. When I had it completed, I knew you had taught me to make a dovetail joint that I would be proud to show to anyone. I want to thank you for sharing your knowledge and coaching me to attain the skills necessary to make quality hand cut dovetails. If anyone asks about making quality dovetails I will tell them it’s all about the saw.”

Ed Looney, Greenville, South Carolina Woodcraft

In our Atlanta Georgia Woodcraft store, Rob awarded an autographed chisel to woodworker Tom Miller for the best dovetail in the class:

Class time and all dovetail projects:

Atlanta Woodcraft store owner, Steve Quehl with Rob:

Atlanta class members, left to right are, Rick Ericksen, Brian Farber, Shawn Russel, Nuane Neely, Terry Kelley, Rob Cosman, Tom Miller, Rodney Smith, Paul Patterson (Greenville South Carolina Woodcraft store owner), and Ken Mattie.

Don’t miss out on Rob’s classes. He is educational, inspirational, and a great devoted teacher.

If you take a Woodcraft class from Rob Cosman, we would like to know about your experience. Please sign up and become a Woodcraft Adventures Blog Member at http://www.woodworkingadventures.com/register/ , and email me through the blogsite.

Auf wiedersehen…Frank


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