Wall-Mounted Tool Cubby Cabinet

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Pigeonhole storage for power tools and more

Overall dimensions: 371⁄4"w × 113⁄4"d × 13"h 

While larger shop machines tend to sit pat until moved by muscle and wheels, smaller tools need persuasion to stay in one spot. At times, drills, nailers, and sanders seem to sprout legs and scramble off as soon as you turn your back on them. If you’ve grown weary of playing hide and seek with your portable power tools, corral them with this handy multi-compartment cabinet. It won’t take long to build, and even less time to fill. Pocket screws eliminate the need for fancy joinery or an arsenal of clamps for assembly. Once the case is glued and screwed together, slide the hardboard dividers into the mating dadoes in the top and bottom to create custom storage nooks for tools and related accessories.

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