Waddling Walrus

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Clever toy chomps, waddles and rolls.

Since I began designing animated toys three decades ago, I continually strive to make my toys more than what most folks expect from a block of wood. My secret is to incorporate simple mechanisms that make the playthings come to life. This walrus is a case in point. Unlike most other toys that simply roll, this fellow has eccentric wheels that create an ambling gait as he’s pushed across the floor. And thanks to a cam and piston hidden within the body, the tusked head rises and falls as he’s rolled in either direction.

This toy is easy to make, but requires some patience and precise work to guarantee that the parts operate smoothly. And of course special care should be taken when machining small parts. I’ve provided advice to help keep your fingers away from blades and bits, but if any procedure seems too close for comfort, stop and use another, safer method.

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