Video Tutorial: Pen Turning 101 - Presented by Woodcraft

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This video is to give hobbyists new to pen turning an idea of the equipment they will need and the basic steps to take to make their first acrylic pen.

Here is another great article written by Woodcraft Magazine to get you started in Pen Turning:

Pen Turning 101

In this day of text-messaging and emails, one might assume that handwritten notes are a thing of the past, yet custom pens are more popular than ever, and they’re super easy to make. With a lathe, a few scraps of wood, and a pen kit, any woodworker possessing basic turning skills can create a writing implement that’s useful and unique. With a little practice, you’ll soon be turning out pens in less time than it takes to read this article.

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  • DA
    Good job, clear, concise instructions that are simple enough yet complete. Should help instill a little confidence in 1st time penologists.

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