Valentine’s Day Gifts with Tommy Mac & Woodcraft!

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C’mon guys and gals, it’s time to get into the shop and create something special for that Valentine’s sweetheart in your life. When Tommy’s not on the set, or on the road, he’s in the shop making something special for Rachel. 

For her birthday he created a beautiful maple desk.

For Christmas, a quilted cherry stepstool, 

a bedroom set…

…and a timeless keepsake box,

Wow! Outstanding craftsmanship and a big heart to boot!

Be sure to check out the gallery of projects on Tommy’s website and Tommy’s Valentine’s Blog by Ben Hardy too!

Now if you’re not sure of what these special woodworking gifts will lead to, just ask Tommy…

That’s right, love is in the air, but it was the woodshop dust that led to a little walk down the aisle for Rachel and Tommy this past October. Congrats guys!

Valentine's Day Gifts

A man’s heart is not always through his stomach, it’s through the woodshop, and using those hands and tools! So let’s get busy with some woodshop plans. At your local Woodcraft store you will find a Heart Shaped Music Box Paper Plan, Item #148860 or a Downloadable Plan on-line, Item #148860D. In the Woodcraft Magazine Feb/Mar 2008 Issue 21, featured the sweetheart’s two compartment music box, complete with the how to’s and tip’s & trick’s. What a perfect way to surprise her with something special to go inside this box too!

In addition you can also get plans for the Victorian Heart Music Box Plan,

the Victorian Heart Shelf,

the Adjustable Heart Shaped Book Shelf 2 Plan,

and for that little girl in your life, you can create the Heart Doll Rocking Chair, from our plan.

Valentine's Day Gifts

Our Curved Top Box Plan is another gift making idea from the Woodcraft MagazineOct/Nov 2010 Issue 37.  Design this project with a curve or two to add a touch of elegance. The curved top for this box is made with two pieces of 1⁄8″-thick plywood sandwiched between two pieces of veneer and then bent in a simple shop-made form. The form is easy to build and is reusable for making multiples of this project. Although you could use two single continuous sheets of any type of veneer, add another dimension to the design by creating a four-way matched pattern (see “Laying Up a Four-Way Match,” page 58 from this magazine issue).

The box itself is constructed using basic miter joints reinforced with contrasting splines. Like many boxes, it’s made by gluing up the walls with the top and bottom panels captured in their grooves, then sawing the lid free after assembly. Complement the shape of the box top by adding a decorative handle and a removable tray with curved sides.

Valentine's Day Gifts

Got a sweet tooth? This Valentine’s Day, give your sweetheart this shelf-top sweet heart candy dispenser. With its mirror finish, this sleek sculpture is irresistable and yields a candy treat with every turn of the arrow. Fill the dispenser with Red Hots (also called Cinnamon Imperials) for good results. The two-step lacquer finish used is similar to a high-quality automotive finishing. The process involves applying the paint followed by a clear lacquer topcoat, and then polishing the surface. If you haven’t achieved a perfect showroom finish before, the small scale of this project makes it an ideal learning experience. Check out the Downloadable Plan.

Valentine's Day Gifts

An ardent idea are these Golden-Glow Oil Lamps  from Issue 33, February/March 2010. These lamps make an attractive home accent, adding warmth to a romantic dinner or other occasion. We chose a 2 × 5 × 5″ blank of dry cherry to prevent cracking and/or warping. You can change the wood species and sizes if desired. The good news is you can turn the entire trio and then ebonize the rim for a distinctive look in an afternoon. Note: Have the oil bottle in hand before turning the lamp. Bottles with wicks (for a confetti-style lamp) and lamp oil are available at craft stores. You can also size the recess to fit common tea light candles, but include a glass cup to protect the wood from the flame. See the Convenience-Plus Buying Guide in Issue 33 for the complete list of items needed to turn the lamps, as well as a DVD on the subject.

Valentine's Day Gifts

And finally for all you woodturners out there, here is our Valentine’s Red Acrylic Pen Blank. Our wide range of acrylic pen blanks offer the pen maker an unmatched selection of vibrant colors and patterns. Acrylic blanks take a beautiful polish that gives the appearance of a liquid tube. No top coat finish is necessary. Be sure to use the Micro-Mesh Pen Sanding Kit on the acrylic, it does an outstanding job quickly, leaving a professional finish with a great shine.

Woodworking gifts will mean so much more because you took the time to make them with your time and talents.

Share your Valentines woodworking photos to our Gallery or upload them to our Facebook page and we might just send you some free goodies!

Happy Valentines Day from Woodcraft!

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