Using the WoodRiver Pen Blank Centering and Drilling Vise

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The WoodRiver® Pen Blank Centering Drilling Vise makes drilling centered holes super easy. Centering a bit on a pen blank and keeping it firmly in place while drilling a hole is one of the most important parts of pen making. This vise simplifies the procedure, because the vise faces ride on a knob-controlled set of two heavy threaded bolts and two smaller rods. Simply clamp the pen blank, set up under the drill bit, and clamp the base. The center you now have will work for every subsequent pen blank, no matter what its size, up to 1-1/2" square. The aluminum vise parts are mounted on a heavy aluminum base, which is drilled with a through hole to prevent damage to drill bits. This vise helps reduce waste from off-center pen blank drilling.

  • Reduces waste from off-center pen blank drilling
  • Heavy aluminum base for stability
  • Eliminates the most difficult alignment issues with pen blank drilling
  • Vise faces ride on knob-controlled threaded rods and bolts
  • Fully adjustable for perfect centers

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