Unusual Projects

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Unusual Projects

Travel-Friendly Canoe

by Jerry Morrow

"I built a wood strip canoe with bulkheads so the two ends could be separated for transporting and bolted together when you get to your destination. Each section weighs 42 pounds and is made from poplar strips, ash rails and plywood bulkheads, as well as one layer of 4 ounce fiberglass inside and out. It was a fun project and my first opportunity to do a significant amount of hand planing in fairing in the hull. This project also included water and steam bending." 

Scavenger's Wheelbarrow

by Jim Raggi

"I made my two-year-old grandson a toy wheelbarrel from items in my garage/shop, including: the training wheels from his mom's first bike, banister spindles for the handles and rubber automobile sparkplug covers over the axle. The wheelbarrel has 3 coats of apple red gloss paint over a coat of primer on the body and semi-gloss black paint on the handles and parts." 

Unusual Projects

Oversize Gibson

by Kenneth S. Brill 

"I book-matched 2 pieces of mahogany to make a Gibson Flying V guitar body, but had gotten my dimensions from a questionable source (read: a friend!). Well, I turned out a V that was about 7 inches too long and about 8 inches too wide. After finishing it in honey gloss lacquer and a boat-load of clearcoat, I turned it over to my friend. He bought an aftermarket neck, finished the project, and got rave reviews about his way-cool oversize V." 

Play Kitchen

by Jerry Chapman

"I made my first granddaughter a play sink, stove and an icebox when she was about a year old. The stove had burners made of #6 copper wire to look like the real thing. I got knobs for the burners and the oven had a grill I found at a hardware store. I made the sink with a bath tub spout that sticks stra1ght out with a tub under it, with a shelf inside and a drawer in the bottom

Greyhound Ramp

by Pete Wade 

"A few years ago my wife and I adopted our first retired racing greyhound! The woman that runs the organization always has a minimum of four retired greyhounds waiting for adoption in her split-level ranch. The basement kennel is half below the outside grade and has several large sliding windows big enough for even the biggest greyhound to get through. I built a folding ramp for the dogs to go outside and do their business. It was fairly simple, one sheet of premium grade plywood, a few short pieces of 2x4 for support, stainless hinges, a quart of exterior varnish, and some play sand to mix with the varnish for traction."

Unusual Projects


by Michael Landry 

"I was asked to build this for separating bug frass (poo) from spruce needles."
Unusual Projects

Outdoor Sculpture

by Al Krug 

"… built of 6X6 material cut from salvage fir timber." 

Cat House

by Thomas Buster

"I have built many birdhouses as well as a doghouse, bat-houses and a butterfly-house; but one of the most unusual requests that I have gotten was for a cat-house. The couple had several outside cats that their dogs liked to harass. I built a model of their home with a wrap-around porch. I mounted it on four 8' posts set 2' in the ground. I put in several intermediate tiers as well as a cat-friendly staircase and painted it to match their home. The owners were happy and the cats got some peace from the dogs 

Unusual Projects

Red Oak Coffin

by Roy Davis 

"It's made of red oak with a red mahogany and polyurethane finish. The interior is upholstered with lavender netting over gray satin 

Unusual Projects

Tumbling Block Cedar Chest

by Mick Streck

"It's made with 3/4" walnut, white ash and oak, and it's lined with cedar planking."

Unusual Projects

Flying Guitar

by Cal Hale

"This was designed as a model for the Flutag contest that Red Bull is putting on. Once I get accepted I will build the full scale flying guitar."

Unusual Projects

Rocking Buffalo

by Terry Todd

"I just finished making this for my granddaughter. I had been dreaming of making it for 10 years."


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