Turning Tuesdays Welcomes Scott Phillips

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Turning Tuesdays

Scott Phillips took some time after his Woodcraft promotionals to visit with the Turning Tuesday’s guys. Bill Sands, Mikey Ellison and woodturning crew shared some shop stories, good food and even some behind the scenes top secret microwave stories, to dry out various woods, but we won’t tell the wives! The group meets every Tuesday from 10am-1pm to help one another with projects and share comradery, but made a special evening time to host Scott’s visit last Tuesday. Recently, all the guys turned over 150 pens for Turning for Troops. The latest projects have been segmented turnings of different shapes and sizes.

Turning Tuesdays

Ron shows off Bill’s jig to easily create 15 and 30 degree angles for segmented features of his new bowl being glued together by Titebond III waterproof glue, item #145563, and clamped with Jorgenson clamps, item #152178:

One of the experts of segmented turning in the group is Tom Vensel. Tom shows us a pictorial collage of the start to finish segmented process using Kevin Neelley’s on-line instruction:

Turning Tuesdays

Here is the finished product:

In the video below Scott talks about finishing a project, turning what may be a mistake into a work of art in respect to learning this from his woodworking friend, the late Sam Maloof of California. For the legacy story on Sam Maloof, click HERE. The picture of Sam below, is courtesy of Laurence Bartone Photography. Click on the picture to see all the fine photography by Laurence Bartone.

Scott explains turning different types of woods, especially fruit tree woods being his favorite…

Turning Tuesdays

Scott critiques John Sheets burl bowl turning…

…and gives a lesson on tool sharpening:

Turning Tuesdays

Mikey gets ready to turn his segmented bowl, and has also turned the razor kit, item #151092 and the badger hair bristle shaving brush kit, item #151091 from Woodcraft’s vast choices of turning supplies:

Bill Sands has Scott conclude his visit with a special autograph on Mikey’s homemade turning tool:

Be sure to check out The American Woodshop with Scott & Suzy Phillips on your local PBS station. Click on the picture below to access episode information for The American Woodshop.

Thank you Scott and all the guys from Turning Tuesdays for making this happen.

Auf wiedersehen…Frank

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