Turning Accessory Cart

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A sharpening “stooge” with tons of storage

I needed to bring order to my burgeoning collection of turning tools and accessories. As I was thinking about how to do this, I recalled Jim Tolpin talking about his three shop “stooges” in the book Working at Woodworking (Taunton Press, 1991). These were a series of mobile carts and helpers that he used to make efficient use of his limited shop space. It occurred to me I could do something similar for my turning set up. At the top of the list was a stand for my sharpening system followed by plenty of storage space for chucks, chisels, and the like. Finally, I wanted a panel for hanging calipers and other tools and supplies and a tray for the three or four chisels I’m actively turning with. The whole thing had to be mobile and not take up too much valuable real estate. A roll-around chest of drawers with a lift-up back panel seemed to fit the requirements. I sized the drawers to fit my chucks and chisels, with the top of the case at a good height for sharpening. Then I designed the back panel so it could be raised when needed, but collapsed quickly to get it out of the way. So far, my turning stooge has been a tremendous addition to the shop.

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