Tungsten Carbide Burrs

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Tungsten Carbide Burrs

These revolutionary styled, patented SSG structured carbide burrs feature a fast, free-cutting action that works equally well cutting with or against the grain, and even on knots. Clogging caused by highly resinous or fibrous wood can be brushed out or burned off without damaging the teeth--tungsten carbide has a melting point of 2800º centigrade, so standard burn-off temperatures aren't going to affect it at all. Make sure you use Vise Grips™ or pliers to keep your hand from the heat when turning a propane torch on these burrs. The shanks and heads transfer heat very rapidly.

Use a bronze or brass wire brush to clean up any debris left after burning off the burrs. The same bronze or brass wire brush can be used to clean off non-sticky residues, too, without the addition of heat. Crepe rubber "erasers" used with belt and other sanders also work to clean burrs that aren't too badly fouled.

The needle sharp points of tungsten carbide can be dressed, just like a grinding wheel, to give an even smoother surface finish…dressing is most effective on the two grits that have the most spikes on the burr. 

Smoothing down the spikes on the coarse burr still leaves a lot of space between actual cuts, so the surface remains rough, though the burr is easier to control, taking off a bit less with each pass. Dressing makes any of the bits less aggressive in their cutting action, but also moderately more controllable.

Available in three grits-gold which is a medium grit burr, and leaves a surface finish that requires moderate sanding; silver, which is coarse and fast cutting; red, whose random spaced carbide has the fastest cutting action with minimum clogging, but leaves a surface that requires further work with finer burrs.

These burrs can also be used to shape fiberglass, plastics, rubber, soapstone, or composite materials. 

Overall lengths from 1-1/2" to 3", maximum RPM 28-30,000, with shanks available in 1/4" and 1/8" diameters mean the burrs will fit almost all tools capable of spinning them.


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