Tips & Tricks: Shop-made grinder guards

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This article is from issue 111 of Woodcraft Magazine

Shop-made grinder guards

Over the years, my bench grinder has proved to be a valuable addition to my shop. It still runs like a champ, but the original, clear plastic guards yellowed and cracked some time ago. Rather than spend the time and effort to find OEM replacements, I made my own from a pair of inexpensive safety glasses meant for short-term visitors. The lenses, designed to fit over regular glasses, are large and offer excellent clarity. To make the guards, I removed the temples and cut through the bridge with a fine-toothed blade on my band saw. To fasten them to the grinder, I drilled holes near the nose pads and used the original bolts, washers, and wingnuts to attach them.

—David DePauw, Cincinnati, Ohio


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