Tips & Tricks Issue 94: Wobble-Widening a Dado

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This article is from Issue 94 of Woodcraft Magazine.

I recently had to outfit a set of drawers with 1/8"-thick dividers. I needed the dadoes in the drawer sides to be snug, but not so tight that the dividers couldn’t be removed easily by hand. A standard, 1/8"-wide saw kerf was a little tight. To get the saw to make a slightly wider cut, I made a “washer” from a 2 × 2" sticky note that matched the diameter of my table saw’s arbor washer. I then cut this paper washer in half and stuck one half to the arbor flange and the other to the arbor washer. I then installed the blade as usual, taking care to align the two shims opposite each other. The shims turned my saw blade into a very subtle “wobble dado,” which made a kerf about 5/32" wide—just what I needed for the dividers. With further experimentation, I found using a playing card as the washer yielded a kerf just under 3/16" wide.

—Ken Burton, New Tripoli, PA


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