Tips & Tricks Issue 83: Leather-Faced Outward Drawer Stop

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This article is from Issue 83 of Woodcraft Magazine.

Leather-faced outward drawer stop

An outward drawer stop prevents content spills while still allowing intentional drawer removal. Here’s a clever version of an outward stop that’s unobtrusive and simple to make. It consists of two blocks of wood, each mitered to 20° at one end, and glued to a scrap of leather that serves as a hinge of sorts. One block is screwed to the case partition above the drawer, while its partner is free to drop down and butt against the inside face of a withdrawn drawer back. When installing a stop, center it across the width of the opening, and make sure to locate it far enough back to clear the drawer front. Alternatively, for a frameless opening with no space above the drawer, notch the drawer back to clear the stop. To remove the drawer, simply reach inside and lift the pivoting block out of the way of the drawer back.

—Andy Rae, Asheville, North Carolina


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