Tips & Tricks: Impromptu Shop Desk

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This article is from Issue 107 of Woodcraft Magazine.

I often need a desk for paperwork or other seated tasks, but I don’t have space for a freestanding one. My bench is a poor substitute: even when it is not covered with projects, it doesn’t have knee room underneath. My solution was to add a removable wing at its right-hand end made from a piece of smooth-faced 3/4 × 20 × 30" plywood. It attaches via 1/4" bolts that thread into inserts recessed into the benchtop. The result is a sturdy, spacious auxiliary work surface with room for my knees below. It’s perfect for sketching designs, taking project notes, and working with small parts. When I don’t need the desk, it can be removed in seconds and stashed out of the way.

—Bill Wells, Olympia, WA


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