Tips & Tricks: Frame Assembly Jig

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This article is from Issue 105 of Woodcraft Magazine.

When nailing or screwing together the corners of picture frames or even small boxes, you need a way to hold the parts together for fastening. This simple assembly jig does the trick nicely. It’s nothing more than an MDF panel with two rails attached at precisely 90° to each other. The ends of the rails are set back from the business corner of the panel to allow tool access when the frame pieces are positioned and clamped in place for fastening. The part dimensions are not critical, but I find that the sizes shown work well in most cases. What is important is that the panel is dead flat and that the rails sit square to it. I attached a clamping cleat to the underside to secure the jig to a bench vise when in use. 

—Tom Washington, Billings, Montana


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