Tips & Tricks: A Sled for Small Parts

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This article is from Issue 109 of Woodcraft Magazine.

When crosscutting, it is hard to beat the precision and efficiency of a table saw. But when cutting small parts such as pen blanks, drawer pulls and such, I don’t like getting my fingers so close to the blade. To make the process safer, I built a dedicated sled. It is comprised of an MDF base with screwed-on hardwood runners that engage the slots in my saw’s table. The fence and rear rail bridge the center saw kerf and help to hold the two sides together. I dadoed the fence to accept a length of T-track and screwed the track in place before screwing in the fence and adjusting it for square. Then I made the hold-down from two pieces of plywood glued together in an L shape. After drilling a hole in the longer piece, I added a T-bolt and star knob to fasten the hold-down to the track. I sized the hold-down to secure 1" stock when tightened. For thinner stock, I add appropriately sized shims as needed.
—Robert Godwin, Tyrone, Georgia


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