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In the spirit of getting our green on, we compiled this list of shamrock-shaded workshop helpers and project supplies that you can find at your local Woodcraft store. The grass is not greener in your buddy’s garage or she-shed, lads and lasses. Thank your lucky stars that you have the inside connection for all your woodworking needs: Woodcraft!

Paint it Green – To spruce up that old dresser, end table or entryway bench, these first two shades provide a punch of velvety green: General Finishes Emerald Milk Paint and Black Dog Salvage Furniture Paint in Go Green. If you love the schoolhouse look, go authentic with Rust-Oleum’s Green Chalk Board Paint, which can transform a wall, tabletop or bulletin board into a writeable surface.

General Finishes Milk Paint - Emerald

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Black Dog Salvage Furniture Paint - Go Green

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Rust-Oleum Chalk Board Paint - Green Finish

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Just Flock It – All innuendoes aside, flocking is an easy and effective way of creating or changing the velvety texture inside of boxes and drawers. Donjer makes it easy with flocking fibers that get embedded into the provided matching adhesive with a mini flocker (sold separately). The Hunter Green gives a rich and professional look to your completed box projects.

50 Shades of Green – Pen turning is a wee bit addictive, and the options for blanks are as limitless as ale in an Irish pub. These three acrylic blanks from WoodRiver – Grasshopper, Neon Lime and Lucky Clover – are three of our favorites when creating keepsakes for those who are gaga for green. (Pen kits sold separately.)

WoodRiver Acrylic Pen Blank - Grasshopper

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WoodRiver Acrylic Pen Blank - Neon Lime

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WoodRiver Acrylic Pen Blank - Lucky Clover

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Green Buddy – The Grex Green Buddy will be your go-to nailer in the workshop. Your friends will be green with envy when they see the many uses for this handy tool: trim and moldings, light wood assembly, door and window casings and picture frame assembly, to name a few.

Clamp On, Clamp Off – Available in 6", 12", 18", 24" and 36" sizes, these one-handed Quick Bar Clamps from WoodRiver can quickly change from clamp mode to spreaders without tools. They work great for woodworking, assembly, construction, maintenance and general purpose clamping.

Grex Green Buddy, 18 Gauge, 2" Nailer

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WoodRiver Quick Bar Clamp (6", 12", 18", 24" and 36")

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Spend Your Green Wisely – One of the best investments you can make in the shop is hearing protection. Pro Ears has several models and colors available. The ReVO Electronic Ear Muffs provide protection without isolation (shown here in neon green and zombie print), a perfect balance between comfort, noise attenuation and purity of sound. The Passive ReVO on the right blocks damaging noise in environments like the shooting range, workshop and the race track.

ReVO Electronic - Neon Green

Pro Ears

ReVO Electronic - Zombie

Pro Ears

ReVO Passive - Neon Green

Pro Ears

Sharp Idea – Applying Green Chrome Oxide Compound from Formax to your sharpening wheel or leather strop helps give your tools a micro fine razor-sharp cutting edge. Dull tools won’t produce the results you need, so stay sharp and you’ll get cleaner cuts.

Get a Grip – Carvers love WoodRiver’s Safety Tape for protecting their fingers and helping them keep a firmer grip on smaller items. Great when bulky gloves are a hindrance and it leaves no residue. No malarkey!

Formax Green Chrome Oxide Compound

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WoodRiver Safety Tape

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Dying for Green – Wood stains and dyes open a lot of creative opportunities for woodworkers. Here are three options for getting some good-looking green on your projects: TransTint Dye, Homestead TransFast Dye Powder and General Finishes Dye Stain. Mix TransTint and TransFast with water or alcohol or use GF right out of the can to create decorative highlights or deep rich color. Can also be added to shellac and some lacquers and finishes, or mixed with other colors.

TransTint Dye - Bright Green


TransFast Dye Power - Dark Green


General Finishes Dye Stain - Green


Shine OnSystem Three’s MirrorCoat is known for creating stunning glass-like finishes on tabletops, counters and bars. This two-part, pourable, self-leveling epoxy is also available in several colors, including the green shown here.  Create an inlay “river” or coat your surface with shiny green goodness.

On the Green – Keep your shop floor looking a little tidier by using a couple of WoodRiver Dust Mats. Measuring 35" x 24" and 10mm thick, these green mats trap sawdust and shavings at the door or near your equipment. The high-traction back grips the floor, and you can easily wash them off with a garden hose.

System Three MirrorCoat


WoodRiver Dust Mat

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Lucky Duck – If you are looking for a quick project, try making a duck call from a WoodRiver STAT Premium Duck Call Turning Kit. The polished green one would pair up beautifully with any number of wood blanks (sold separately), providing a nice-looking turning as well as a functional duck call.

Seeing Green – Create organized storage that is also transportable with the Tanos Systainer System. Several modules come in this emerald green color, and they all work together to customize what you need for your shop, garage or home office. Stores anything from tools to quilting supplies to camping gear, all in a stackable, moveable system.

WoodRiver STAT Premium Duck Call Turning Kit


Tanos Systainer System Module


Don’t Pinch Me! – No pinching, just clamping with the WoodRiver Quick Release Vise. These sturdy vises, made of heavy cast-iron and steel, come in three sizes: 7", 9" and 10-1/2". The front-mounted lever allows for rapid opening and closing of the vise, and more control for you.

Go Green – Real wood veneers from Sauers & Co. offer a unique way to add some pizzazz to our projects, even for beginners. The dyed packs – like this lime green – are perfect for marquetry, inlay repair, accents on furniture, inlays for musical instruments and color accents in children’s toys. 

Lucky Charm – And finally, Microfiber Tack Cloths should always be on hand for finishing your water-based projects. Not only are they inexpensive, washable and reusable, they pick up sanding dust so your finish is flawless. They’re also handy for cleaning off build-up on sanding sponges!

Sauers & Co Dyed Veneer

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Microfiber Tack Cloths 

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Let us leave you with this Irish wish: “As you slide down the banister of life, may the splinters never point the wrong way!” Now, don’t let the grass grow under your feet! Get to your local Woodcraft store today for these and tons more tools and project supplies for any project on your list.

We hope you’ll be inspired!

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