“The Makers” Video Series Begins with Woodcraft Carver

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The Makers

“The Makers” is a video series by LandonJAMES Video and Photography. The videos are intended to celebrate the people who hold true to the traditional means of handmade. People who choose to keep their crafts alive, untouched by modern methods and high production.

LandonJAMES Video & Photography was formed by David L. Kernodle and his business partner AJ in Charlotte, North Carolina. David’s middle name is Landon and the “J” in AJ is James. Initially they combined efforts to produce a website for corporate media, weddings, bridal shoots, and family stories. With AJ and David preferring content regarding “artistic talent engaged with hand craftsmanship”, there was a piece of the puzzle left to fill.

Kernodle is a woodworker from the early age of 11, taught by his Grandad, Clifton Benscotter (photo below), a WWII, Korean, and Vietnam Veteran. David’s early wood shop days started with making leather wrapped foot rests made by only hand tools.

Kernodle said, “It was the only way to appreciate woodworking. In order for me to learn mechanical tools, I had to learn it the old fashioned way.” To this day, Clifton purchases Woodcraft Magazines and other woodworking books, once finished, he sends David all the media. Clifton also enjoys projects on stainingtools, and reading reviews on product choices.

David Kernodle with his wife Hailey, woodworking together…

…restoring antiques, dressers, rockers, while crafting other furniture pieces.

“The Makers” name came through discussions about using “The Artisans” title but neither David or AJ liked that idea. AJ stated, “Explaining to others that these videos would be about the makers”, made the name stick with the artisan premise of woodworking, and doing stories about what David and AJ are passionate about.

LandonJAMES first video production came by the way of Woodcraft in Charlotte, NC. An employee at the store, David Wood is a 20 year woodworker, and has been a professional carver for the past 15 years. Wood, a member of the local Union County Woodcarving Club in Monroe, NC was called upon by Kernodle in search of a carver to do a video on. Wood said, “That would be me”, and the rest is history as this video shows below, enjoy…

The Makers

Having trouble viewing this video, click this link: http://www.landonjamesvideo.com/the-makers/the-carver/

Video credit: The Makers – The Carver | Charlotte, NC Videographers from landonJAMES on Vimeo and YouTube.

David Wood is a 10 year veteran teacher for Woodcraft now teaching twice per month, and also teaches from his own woodshop full time 2 days per week. From carving beginningschip carvingcaricaturesgolf balls, birds and much more, Wood enjoys his professional hobby and sharing it with others. As shown in the video, Wood uses pfeil and flexcut tools, and stated, “Buy the best or buy it twice.”

When the game warden came to my door, he inquired about the use of his delivery of the taxidermy bird eyes”

…Wood said “I couldn’t move anywhere in my shop, they cornered me while they searched the entire shop and then my home, looking for real birds. I told them I carve birds from wood. They did not believe me until they let me move around my shop, and I showed them how the bird was truly made out of wood.”

Check out David Wood’s carving website, and his carvings video on YouTube.

LandonJAMES will move forward with The Makers traditional handmade type content, including a recent teaser addition on handmade guitars.

The Makers – The Guitar Builder *TEASE* | Charlotte, NC Videography from landonJAMES on Vimeo.

Welcome aboard guys and we look forward to woodworking in media with you!…Frank

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