Scott and Suzy Phillips Focus on Woodworkers’ Creativity in “The American Woodshop” Season 28

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Scott and Suzy Phillips work on Season 28 projects for The American Woodshop.

Co-hosts Scott and Suzy Phillips encourage each viewer to put “Hands to Work” and “Express Yourself” in the 13 Season 28 episodes of The American Woodshop that will begin airing on Monday, January 11. Check your local PBS TV station for airtimes or watch on CREATE® TV, YouTubeTV, or 24/7 at  

Woodcraft Supply, Woodcraft Magazine, Rikon, PS Wood Machines, and the Furniture Bank of Central Ohio sponsor this public television series. WBGU TV in Bowling Green, Ohio, produces The American Woodshop. The show is carried by 94.4% of the top 25 markets and 96% of the top 100.

“Woodcraft and Woodcraft Magazine are pleased to continue sponsoring The American Woodshop,” President and CEO Jack Bigger said. “Once again, Scott and Suzy Phillips have gathered an appealing variety of projects and techniques to make woodworking enjoyable for viewers of this public television favorite.”

The third Season 28 episode features this 50"-tall Chimney Cabinet project that combines walnut, maple and red oak and has clear shelves, a glass door and LED lighting.

Coming in Season 28:

“Why work with wood? The reason can be as simple as to save money. Yet for most, it’s an expression of creative drive. Woodworking leads to true satisfaction,” Scott and Suzy wrote in promotional material for Season 28. “Every episode of Season 28 shares a path to successful expression in wood. You can feel the satisfaction and pride that can’t be bought in a store.”

Scott and Suzy partnered with Woodcraft Magazine for some of the Season 28 projects. Scott said he and Suzy used Woodcraft plans, keeping the fundamentals but stylizing a bit to make pieces uniquely theirs – for example adding some different woods to a piece.

Season 28 Episode Lineup (2801-2813)

Tall Turned Table/Woodturning: Learn the keys to doing spindle and faceplate turning, along with critical skill-building techniques.

Scott takes a break while working on the Tall Turned Table in the first episode.

Burl Bowl/Turning Art with Barry Todd: Scott and Suzy welcome woodturning artist Barry Todd for a session where wild burl woods become decorative art, and lathe chisel skills are explored.

Barry Todd holds a turned vessel from Episode 2802.

Suzy displays her 3'-long live-edge charcuterie.

Freestanding Display Cases: This 50"-tall chimney cabinet features clear shelves, a glass door and LED lighting. Walnut, maple and red oak combine in a harmonious union.
Kitchen Live-Edge Blended Wood Cutting Boards: Creative cutting boards are built, and Suzy crafts a 3'-long live-edge charcuterie board with feet.
Three Found Art Sculpted Tables: Scott uses live-edge ambrosia maple and turned maple legs for a display table. Suzy sculpts and blends river sycamore and cypress in a glass topped gallery design.
American Folk Art, Weather Vanes and Wall Art: Projects include fleur-de-lis wall art and holiday painted wood entry door accents.
Custom Kitchen Tools: Turning custom kitchen cutlery and shaping ice cream paddles are fun projects.
Tall Counter Stool: A collaborative effort based on a Woodcraft Magazine design led to this expanded graceful chair built for higher tables and counters.
LED Accent Lamp: A union of burl turning scraps, saved burned wood and copper light up any special interior space.
Adirondack Camp Chair: This American classic is based on a Woodcraft Magazine plan design and made from a combination of white oak, cypress, western cedar, southern yellow pine and eastern red cedar.
Suzy’s Barn Woodshop Highlights: A corkscrew willow staircase creation and restored outdoor chairs are featured.
Home and Shop Decorative Trim: Suzy’s corkscrew loft balustrade is completed. Cherry kitchen trim is turned, antique crown capitals are installed, and an1850s corner cupboard is restored.
Turning Times: Learn easy to follow woodturning steps to create a candy compote.

For more information about The American Woodshop, visit or the shows Facebook page

As Scott and Suzy say: “Tune up your skills and make something special for those you love!”

And when you do, make Woodcraft your headquarters for tools, supplies and helpful advice, so you will be prepared to make something beautiful and have fun doing it!



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