The American Woodshop’s Back Door Pass with Scott Phillips

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American Woodshop

The American Woodshop with Scott Phillips begins it’s 18th season on PBS starting on Monday, August 29th, 2011. This year’s 13 episodes entitled “Weekenders,” focus on woodworking projects to augment the home. While discovering and using new tools to become a more proficient woodworker, you should be able to finish each of these projects in one weekend.

Check out our season 18 preview back door pass video at The American Woodshop:

Let this be your TV guide preview for all 13 episodes:

Episode 1 starts out with Scott turning decorative jewelry boxes and has two special guests joining him on the PBS show.

Jim Burrowes, a master turner who creates some awesome multi-axis turnings

You’ll see Jim’s gallery of turned creations…and watch as he demonstrates his special talent,

Jim Fostor also joins Scott in episode 1…for some of the best and fastest carving skill sets you will ever see…

After the first show airs, we will have individual blogs on these two woodworkers.

A Shaker inspired wall cabinet will be created in episode 2, featuring machined dovetails, routingpocket hole joineryplaning use, sharpening techniquesfinishing, and Suzy carves a Fleur-de-lis.

Windsor arrow back side chairs are the topic in episode 3, made from walnut and ambrosia maple. Constructing this 18th century design invloves turning the legs, planing and shaping the seat,

…proper glue up, clamping techniques, and special drilling for the leg assembly,

Episode 4 intrigues us with nested bandsaw boxes made from reclaimed walnut.

Wayne Barton joins Suzy in episode 5, as the great Mr. Carvus Maximus shows us how to perfect the Goddard & Townsend Shell and creative chip carving art form. Scott creates a butternut dome top treasure chest with walnut trim and sapele veneer curved in a special way. You’ll have to tune in to see that!

A trip to the Home Shop finds Scott in Charlotte, Michigan with John Wilson and David Abeel in conjunction with the Shaker style turned stools build in episode 6. John and David show us how to design and shape the Windsor form saddle seat, while Scott and Suzy recreate these two stools in the American Woodshop.

Antique repair and restoration are the topic in episode 7. Wayne Barton revisits with more chip carving, teaching proper blade positioning and designing patterns and insignia lettering to  create a Shaker inspired spindle and leg turned candle stand. Scott restores an 18th century pillar and claw game table, removing the old leather center and replacing it with a self-adhesive veneer.

Episode 8 takes us into the home of the Phillips to complete some finish carpentry crown molding and baseboard.

Creating a capitol or cornice to enhance the cherry columns they created in episode 1601 a couple of years ago, shows us that it takes time to get your house in order because it’s always something when you have a house!

A tiger maple spice box and band sawn kitchen utencils are this weeks projects in episode 9. Wayne Barton comes back for some chip carving blade sharpening techniques.

Now you may not believe that you can accomplish a deck build like this in one weekend, but Scott and Suzy team up to get it done in episode 10. Remember the more friends you invite to help you, the bigger the cookout on the new deck afterwards!

Also in this episode we learn of a natural resource problem that is being fixed by the Middle Great Miami Watershed Alliance Committee. Three miles of the drinking water supply for the Piqua, Ohio community is being contaminated by sedimentary and chemical run off. The committee is planting trees to control this problem through a donation funded program. You won’t want to miss this episode to learn how you can help your community as well.

Episode 11 covers outdoor keyed chairs for the new deck,

Episode 12 gives you various ideas on how to make scroll saw designs with special guest Ben Neumaier. Scott makes a big splash with these dock of the bay, scroll sawn weather vanes.

Master your woodworking, finishing and repair techniques on the American Woodshops season’s finale, episode 13. A bracket clock is the project with finishing solutions with special guest, Sam Hamory from Earlex Spray Stations.

Joseph Hudson, a very good friend of Scott’s since the age of 7 stops by and helps at the American Woodshop. Joseph is now a math and science teacher in Boston. Scott is pleased to find out that Joe is also teaching woodshop classes to his 6th, 7th and 8th grade students. Guess who Joe learned from?

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