Super Simple Sanding Center

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These two storage units will keep you organized for hand and power sanding.

A few months ago, I took on a project that called for built-in cabinetry and custom trim details as part of a major home renovation. Early on, it became clear that my partner and I needed a better way to keep our sanding supplies organized—so we could spend time getting our work finished instead of rooting around in a drawer stuffed with sheets, discs, and sanding blocks. Borrowing freely from other sanding storage projects I had seen, I came up with a couple of compact cases. Filled with slide-out shelves, this sanding center makes it easy to find exactly what’s needed to sand by hand or with our random orbit sander. The cases are sized to accommodate a full range of grits, which is important. The sheet storage unit has a bottom shelf that I use for sanding blocks and sticks. On the disc storage case, this bottom shelf holds a random orbit sander. The nice thing about this design is that it’s easy to build. By cutting all your dadoes in a single larger panel, you can save time and ensure perfect alignment of your dadoes when each case is assembled. 

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