Super-Simple Cutoff Cart

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A two-sheet solution for short boards and sheet goods

By Joe Hurst-Wajszczuk

Finding a place for cutoffs can be a challenge for shops of any size. What starts as a neat stack quickly transforms into a messy mountain, often in the spot that’s needed for some other operation. And when that perfect piece is hidden at the bottom of the pile, you’ll likely abandon the search and break into a fresh board, creating yet another leftover that only exacerbates the problem.

By sensibly organizing stock that’s too small for a full-sized lumber rack, this 2 × 5' cart can save time and money. The cabinet provides three vertically stacked compartments for storing turning blanks, spindle stock, and super-special shorts. The bins corral longer boards and offer a simple gauge for differentiating trash from treasure. When stock becomes too short for the lowest bin, it’s time to put it on the shelf for safe keeping, or toss it in the trash. The two sheet goods pockets accommodate those cumbersome but potentially useful small panels left over after a project. The vinyl downspouts are perfect for organizing dowels, threaded rod, and short sections of miscellaneous bar stock. 

Unlike many shop projects that require a fully-equipped workshop to make, this project can be completed with a few basic tools. In fact, I found that Kreg’s Adaptive Cutting System, with its track saw and assembly table, was better suited for this build than my full-sized table saw and traditional workbench. If you don’t own a track saw, you can guide a standard circular saw against a straightedge made from a long plywood scrap.

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