Sugar 'n Spice Cabinet

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Everything nice in a home accent

Overall dimensions: 11"w × 7"d × 203⁄8"h

Spice cabinets have served a variety of needs over the centuries, storing everything from spices to herbs to medicines. Because of the value of the quantities stored, the drawers remained small. Over time, however, the cabinets transitioned into quaint home accents, holding keys, pencils, stamps, and other miscellany in their drawers.

Typically made of hardwoods such as oak and poplar, spice cabinets–antiques or ones you buy or make–bring a charm that recalls their original purpose. This design features deeper sides and drawers (for better storage). You can stand it on a table or hang it. Serving as a good beginner weekend project, the cabinet requires precision joinery in cutting identically spaced dadoes for accepting the shelves and divider that must snugly fit into them. One time-saving design element is that all parts but the drawer bottoms are of 1⁄2"-thick stock. Now let’s make sawdust!

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