Steak Knives & Presentation Box

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Showcase special woods with this impressive matched set.

Designer/Builder/Writer: Andy Rae

Here’s a two-part project that’s fun to make, and looks great below the yuletide tree. Both the steak knife handles and presentation box are made from a gorgeous Peruvian hardwood called orange agate (platymiscium sp.), which is a dense, tropical species from Peru (see page 70). It cuts well with sharp tools, takes a beautiful polish, and holds up to moisture—a good choice for kitchenware. The box holds six knives, but can readily be scaled up or down to hold more or fewer knives. A clever sliding lid snaps shut as if by magic thanks to two rare-earth magnets. The veneered lid, made from a figured piece of anigre, adds a nice contrast to the orange agate while letting you try your hand at simple veneering. Make the six knife handles first, so you can fit the box to the dimensions of the completed knives.

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