Spindle Fluting Jig

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Project Design: Dick Reese

Making identical flutes of the same length and depth and spaced evenly around the circumference of a tapered or cylindrical spindle such as a table leg requires a lathe, router–and one more thing–a precision jig. Mounted to your lathe, this accommodating shop project features a router platform that adjusts parallel to the workpiece surface for flutes of a consistent depth from one end to the other. Attached to the platform are T-Track runners that support sliding stops. These lock in place, letting you create flutes of a repeatable desired length. Another locking mechanism secures the jig’s base to the lathe’s ways. Here’s how to build the jig and put it to work. Note: Made from scrap plywood, hardwood, and store-bought hardware, this jig allows you to rout flutes up to 10" long. To cut longer flutes and to customize the jig to your lathe, follow the instructions and use the Cut List dimensions only as a general reference.

Fluting Jig

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