Snowman Bandsaw Box

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A cool place to stash your holiday treasures

I  prefer my holiday decorations do some double duty—a flatpack tree that offers chocolate treats (Dec/Jan 2022), a chimney-shaped decoration that counts down to the big day (Dec/Jan 2023). This snowman bandsaw box certainly fits the bill, keeping an eye on things from a mantle or end table while its drawers contain candy or conceal a few spare bulbs or batteries for less-hardworking decorations.

The body is laminated to thickness—I made mine from 8 /4 ash—then bandsawn to shape. Drawers are removed from the body then shaped and hollowed at the bandsaw as well. After gluing the body and drawers back together, add simple hardware (see Buyers’ Guide - PDF) to adorn the snowman with those classic coal buttons and carrot nose that double as drawer pulls.

Order of Work

  • Remove back and saw to shape
  • Cut out drawers
  • Saw drawers to shape
  • Reassemble case and drawers
  • Finish and install hardware

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