Simple Six-board Chest

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It only takes a weekend to build this classic storage piece, and it will last for years to come.

Antique versions of six-board blanket chests have endured for centuries, sometimes handed down from one generation to the next. It’s not difficult to appreciate the popularity of a chest that can provide good basic storage, do double duty as a bench, and be built from a few wide boards.

Traditionally, a 6-board chest was exactly that: a top, a bottom, two sides, and a front and back. Admittedly, my version has a few more pieces, but I think it still follows the spirit behind the classic design. The home center 1×12s I used for construction needed to be edge-glued to be wide enough for some parts.

Other extra parts simplify joinery. Rather than cut a long notch in the sides, for example, I added filler strips. I also added the skirt board and lid trim for visual interest and to help conceal minor gaps. Feel free to experiment with the side cutout and molding profiles to suit your style and bit collection.

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