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This article is from Issue 54 of Woodcraft Magazine.

Make your space work smarter, better, with these 12 items.

While this issue offers lots to build in order to create a great home workshop, keep in mind that there’s plenty you can buy to further the effort. Included in this variety pack of problem solvers are wall boards, containers, and racks for specialized storage, tables and stands, and items aimed at improving the comfort level of your favorite getaway. Note that items with a SKU number can be purchased at Woodcraft stores,, or by calling (800) 225-1153.

Durable Wall Storage  

Triton Products’ Duraboard wall storage solution does flimsy hardboard pegboard one better with its strong 1⁄4"-thick polypropylene panels that can hold three times more weight. Waterproof and impact-resistant, the 2 × 4' panels can be sized at the tablesaw. To make outlet openings, use a drill to bore blade-start holes and a jigsaw to cut out the waste. Along with two panels, the kit includes panel-hanging hardware, a 48-piece assortment of hangers, and plastic bins.

#412029  $149.99

Folding-Table Frame

This wall-mounted metal stand by WoodRiver comes in at workbench height (around 34") and includes adjustable feet for an uneven shop floor.

It’s ideal for providing instant counter space when using benchtop power tools or assembling small projects. After the work’s complete, simply fold the table against the wall and lock it in place. See the Online Extra below for a free 23 × 29" tabletop plan.

#158253  $99.99

Wall-Mounted Lumber Rack

This rugged coated-steel system of standards and brackets attaches to the wall at stud locations using 3" bolts and washers (not included). The set comes with (3) 24" standards, (3) 55" standards, (3) 10" brackets, (3) 14" brackets, and (6) 18" brackets. Add to this the adjustment holes on 11⁄2" centers along the standards lengths, and you have a versatile lumber rack capable of supporting hundreds of pounds.

#131189  $249.99

Ceramic Infrared Space Heater

Take the chill out of frosty winter days in the shop with this 1950W wall- or ceiling-mounted Comfort IR space heater. Sporting an almond 

steel housing, the ceramic infrared element can be hardwired to either a 120V or 240V circuit. Or, if you choose, you can attach an appropriate plug (not included) to the cord. When in use, the heater can warm up a 12 × 12' area and costs approximately 19 to 20 cents per hour to run, according to the maker.

Safe, quiet, and odorless, the space heater mounts easily with screws to either wall anchors or studs. Locate it above an often-used area, such as a workbench for maximum effectiveness.

#417562  $249.99

LED Task Light

Whether reading fine measurements or performing a detailed task, add concentrated light where you need it with this 16"-long LED dual-power shop light. Its focusing head provides 250 lumens while running off AAA batteries or a 110V outlet. Hold it in place with either its strong rare-earth magnet or a clamp.

#154491  $49.99

A-Frame Clamp Rack

Tired of rummaging through the shop looking for the right set of clamps for an assembly job? That won’t happen again with this place-for-everything mobile rack by HTC. Spring clamps, F-style bar clamps, K-body parallel jaw clamps, and pipe clamps can all find a home here. The steel crossbars located at intervals along the A-frame angle-iron rack allow you to organize the clamps in your collection based on their lengths. The overall size measures 30"w × 24"d × 53"h, making the rack a good fit for even a small shop. Its total weight capacity tops off at 500 pounds.

Because of its four swiveling casters, it's easy to roll the rack away from the wall and park it alongside your assembly table or workbench for a glue-up.  After the glue-up dries, remove the clamps, clean off the glue, and return them to the rack.

 To order the rack, go to, or call HTC Products, Inc. at (800) 624-2027.

10-Drawer Tool Chest

As you expand your arsenal of fine hand tools, the need for protecting them in a suitable storage unit becomes more pressing with each new purchase. Of course, you can build a handsome chest like the one featured in the Feb/March 2013 issue of Woodcraft Magazine, but that takes time. The alternative: Buy a chest that serves the need. This 10-drawer model by Gerstner comes in red oak and employs tongue-and-groove joinery throughout for strength and durability. Measuring 24"w × 10"d × 16 1⁄4"h, the chest features a front lid at the bottom that pulls out and covers the drawers when in its locked position. Green felt lines the upper case interior and drawer bottoms, offering a safe haven for prized items.

#147378  $329.99

Hardware Organizers

Few things are more frustrating (and time-consuming) for woodworkers than looking for the right screw, nail, or nut while sorting through old coffee cans and jars. Why not let these handy plastic organizers by Akro-Mils come to your rescue? The larger box features 44 drawers in two sizes (2" and 4" wide); the smaller box, 16 (2" wide) drawers.

#154637 (large box)  $32.50
#154638 (small box)  $12.99

At-the-Ready Router Table

When equipped with a router that you supply, this Kreg benchtop workhorse can be pressed into service in the few minutes it takes to install a bit and adjust the fence. Standing 19" high, the table’s splayed 28"w × 20"d steel base offers plenty of stability. Rubber feet grip the surface underneath to prevent slippage when in use.

Other features include a flat 1 × 16 × 24" laminated MDF top with a standard miter gauge slot, and a three-ring phenolic insert plate. Resting on it is an adjustable extruded aluminum fence with locking cam clamps, adjustable sub-fences, a 21⁄2" dust port, and a bit guard. The True-Flex featherboard is an extra purchase.

#158284  $229.99 (table)
#148436  $19.99 (featherboard)

Retro Shop Stool

The next time you need to rest your dogs, consider taking five on this cushioned shop stool. A throwback chrome base sets the style with rings that screw to the flared legs, providing a rigid structure and a place to park your feet. The stool measures 16"w × 29"h and easily stores under a countertop. It supports up to 350 pounds.

#154269  $69.99

Anti-Fatigue Floor mat

Hard shop floors make tired feet cry for mercy. Give them relief with one or more of these 2 × 5' anti-fatigue PVC mats.

#146033  $36.50

Instant Workbench

This portable QuikBENCH folds up when you want to store it, and sets up in a jiffy when you need to work. Standing 32" high, the benchtop surface measures 24 × 30" and comes with some pretty neat features. They include tool and hardware wells, a two-crank vise, a pair of bench dogs, and dog holes letting you clamp workpieces in place for sanding or other tasks.

While it is not designed to stand on, the QuikBENCH can hold up to 300 pounds. Buy two and use them as sawhorses. Or, better still, buy three or four and hook them together to create a large countertop for finishing or project assembly. Use the three-outlet power strip to plug in portable power tools.

#154760  $129.99

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