Sharpening Stone Comparison Guide

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Sharpening Stone Comparison Guide

Compares approximate abrasive grit relationships of American and Japanese stones.
Stone Type US Grit    Japan Grit
Coarse Crystolon, Coarse India 100 150
Medium Crystolon 180 240
Medium India, Coarse Diamond 240 280
Fine Crystolon, Fine India 280 360
Medium Diamond 320 500
Washita 350 600
Soft Arkansas 500 1000
Hard White Arkansas, Fine Diamond, Medium Black Ceramic 700 2000
Hard Black Arkansas 900 4000
Ultra White Ceramic   6000


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  • UM
    The sharpening stone comparison is a great guide to understand what Grit and what Stone density is ment.
  • DR from Rio Rancho
    This guide is what I have been looking for. It makes my shopping so much easier, being able to compare the grids. Suggestion: A list of the different types of material the natural stones are made of and where in the world they are obtained from. Thank you. Deeman

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