Sharp Fast TM Tool Guide Gouge Sharpening System Presented by Woodcraft

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Most turning tool gouges are sharpened on a grinder either free hand or with the aid of a "crutch" which makes it easier but not easy. You twist and turn trying to maintain the angle, "capture" the grind and stay on the stone. Not an easy task, until now. With the Sharp Fast™ Tool Guide, you can easily match, change or create any grind on any 1/4" up to 3/4" gouge and do it over and over with the same result. It also prevents "over grinding" with a unique measuring device which permits you to control the depth of the grind. Your tools will last longer and edge to edge be sharper than ever. Safety is unsurpassed because once you're locked in the guide - you'll never slide off the stone or have the tool ripped out of your hands. The Sharp Fast™Guide is fast, repeatable, accurate and safe. Turners at all levels benefit from sharper tools and this guide delivers.


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