Selecting a Japanese Saw

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The main difference between a Japanese saw and a western saw is that Japanese saws cut on the pull stroke versus the push stroke.  There are many types of Japanese saws – one for every cut you will need to make.  In most toolboxes, you will see three types of saws: Ryoba, Dozuki, and Kataba.


is a two-edged saw that will do crosscut and rip.


has a stiffener on its back that allows the blade to be very thin.  It is used for joinery and dovetails. Maximum depth of cut is approximately 2".


is similar to a Dozuki without the stiffener. It allows you to cut more than 2" thick boards.

The Dozuki is the first saw you should add to your toolbox.  It is more forgiving due to the stiffener on the back and will give you a very fine cut for the most demanding applications. 

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