Sawhorse Roundup

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Corral one or more of these sturdy work supports for your shop.

Overall dimensions: 
35"w × 151⁄2"d × 24"h
32"w × 21"d × 31"h
28"w × 18"d × 32"h

Regardless of your shop’s size, you can hardly call it complete without a few trusty steeds. A pair of horses can help support work for hand-sawing and machining, supply legs for an assembly table, or create an instant workstation. We designed three variations, each with special benefits so you can choose the one that best serves your needs.

We begin with a simple folding sawhorse having two frames that hinge together at the top and at the bottom via a pair of hinged braces. Lightweight, this style collapses flat for easy transporting or storing and sets up in a jiffy, making it ideal for jobsite work.

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