Santa in Wood - at Work and Play

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This article is from Issue 7 of Woodcraft Magazine.

Ever wonder what Santa Claus does when he’s not supervising toy production or making Christmas Eve deliveries? You’ll find the answer in this sampling of entries in Woodcraft Supply’s 2004 Santa Carving Contest. Of course, not all the entries depict Santa at leisure. Some offer glimpses of the famous fellow at work – in various centuries. Enjoy!

“Early American Santa”

Ross Oar Zephyrhills, Fla.

Snowshoes are Santa’s mode of travel as he delivers toys by the light of his lantern.

“God Bless America”

Hubert Bechtol, Austin, Texas

This patriotic Santa wears an Uncle Sam outfit and proudly displays the U.S. flag.

“Merry Go Santa”

Sandy Smith Lakeview, Ark.

Santa takes a ride on a carousel version of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

“Test Drive” 

Henry A. Puckett Mexico, Mo.

Santa’s off and running on a red motorcycle, accompanied by an elf that didn’t quite make it into his sidecar seat before takeoff.

“A Stitch for Suzie”

Anthony Filetti Farmington, N.Y.

Seated on a colorful bench, Santa adds the finishing stitches to a doll. Filetti used basswood and ironwood with an acrylic finish to create this three-piece unit. 

“Santa’s Sled Mobile”

Donald R. Anderson, Des Plaines, Ill.

Santa is packed and ready to go in a sled mounted on snowmobile tracks.

“Father Christmas”

Paul Myers Champlin, Minn.

A holly wreath band encircles the head of Father Christmas (Santa’s name in Great Britain).

“Santa On Vacation” 

Edgardo M. Potestades, Taylor, Mich.

Clad in swimming trunks, sandals and goggles Santa is ready for a well-deserved vacation before another Christmas season calls him back to the snowy North Pole.

“Santa’s Helpers”

Bill McDonald Upper Falls, Md.

Two elves give Santa a boost to reach the top of a tall chimney. (When it comes to fitting down that chimney, he’s on his own.)

“Darn Reindeer”

Rusty Johnson, Tulsa, Okla.

While his elves work from sun-to-sun, Santa’s work is never done – probably because he’s responsible for cleaning up after the reindeer!

“An Irish Santa”

Steven P. Hubbard  Springfield, Ill.

Hubbard used a Celtic motif for this ornately decorated old-world Santa with lantern and staff carved from basswood.

“Break Time”

Daryl Korpela, Oconomowoc, Wisc.

Korpela’s elaborate carving shows Santa all set for some ice fishing while his catch is visible beneath the ice. 

“Caution: Break Time”

Gaylord K. Mann, Worthington, Ohio

Toy bag slung over his shoulder, Santa shows off on ice skates, twirling on one leg.

“Checking It Twice”

Jim Willis, Kansas City, Mo.

Willis used basswood and acrylics to create this traditional Santa (complete with list “to be checked twice”) patterned after paintings by Haddon Sundblom, who painted the first Coca-Cola Santa in 1931.

“Dancing Santa”

Wayne Shinlever, Knoxville, Tenn.

Santa and his dog show they can shake a leg as they dance to the music of an early 20th-century Cathedral-style radio while a mouse joins in on a nearby tabletop.


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