Safely Lift with Forearm Forklift

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Forearm Forklift

Now here is one amazing product from A.A.C. Forearm Forklift, Inc. Mark Lopreiato, President of the company along with his team, were impresssively demonstrating these webbed lifting straps at the Woodcraft Vendor Trade Show in Nashville and the AWFS Fair in Las Vegas.

No more straining to lift awkward or heavy items with just your hands, or taking your back out of place. Moving furniture and heavy objects is a snap. It saves your wooden and ceramic tiled floors from getting scuffed up or damaged while moving heavy items over thresholds. Two OSHA accepted moving straps to reduce potential injuries due to heavy and repetitive carrying are included for easy lifting.

I did not have confidence in the strength of these straps until I saw this in person with Scott Phillips, so check it out and BELIEVE!

I’m a short guy and getting older. My honey-do list never ends, and usually involves moving furniture for painting and rearranging. I now have a set of these, and they work!

  • Defies gravitational effect on furniture!
  • Gets the job done safely
  • The perfect complement or replacement to dollies and hand trucks
  • Designed to encourage proper lifting
  • Made of super-strength webbing
  • OSHA Approved
  • Check out the additional Forearm Forklift video at

    Available at your local Woodcraft store or online for $19.99, it’s a real bargain for safe lifting.

    Moving and lifting is never fun, but with the Forearm Forklift product, any adult can lift easier and safer.
    Do yourself a favor and get your set today!

    More to come from the Woodcraft Vendor Trade Show & The AWFS Fair!

    auf Wiedersehen…Frank

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