Rockin' Record Storage

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Stash your wax in mid-century style with this simple mitered case

We’re calling this cool cabinet a “Basic Build,” but with a few caveats. As you can see from the drawing, this retro record stand has only a few parts, and is fairly simple in its overall construction. However, before you drop the needle and get started on this project, be aware that a few of the procedures require careful attention to stay in the groove.

Take the joinery, for example. Grain-wrapped case miters are a clean and classic way to join panels at corners, but done sloppily, they can introduce sour notes in a piece. Routing perfectly fitting dadoes for hardwood plywood can be tricky, and assembling a cabinet like this definitely requires rehearsal. Likewise, applying and trimming hardwood edging, making solid drawers, and fitting inset false fronts all require finesse. But, done well, it pays off in a piece that sings.

We’ve jazzed up this article with tips and jigs to help develop your chops while adding to your catalog of useful woodworking accessories. Best of all, you’ll also have a sturdy, attractive cabinet to accommodate more than fifty vinyl LP’s. The two drawers will hold headphones and other audio gear. Ready? Let’s rock.

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