Quilt-Front Wall Cabinet

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Create a one-of-a-kind door panel from small cut parts.

Overall dimensions: 281⁄2"w × 10"d × 323⁄4"h

Having grown up helping my grandmother wind warps onto her loom and watching my mother knit sweater after sweater, the fact that I look to textiles for design inspiration isn’t a surprise. But adapting a fabric-based quilt pattern into a solidwood door panel presents some interesting design and technical challenges. To make the parts align, your measurements need to be spot on. The panel must also be assembled in sections. The gluing and trimming process takes time, but will reward you with a spectacular final result. The rest of the cabinet is very straightforward to build. The shelves join the sides with simple tongue-and-groove joints. The face frame goes together with pocket screws, and the door frame joinery is cut with a set of matched router bits. At the end of the day, you’ll have a real heirloom in which to house all sorts of treasured keepsakes. Note: To accomodate wood movement you’ll need to cut the parts for the “quilted” front panel so that the grain runs from corner to corner. See “The Importance of Grain Direction” on page 24
Quilt-Front Cabinet

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