Q: What do carver John McClung and Woodcraft have in common? – Part 1

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A: New Diamond Willow Walking Sticks that are great for rustic furniture, picture frames, or for carving your favorite designs! These will be available soon at your local Woodcraft store only. So get them while there in stock for just $12.99 each (except for the Hawaii Woodcraft store). Willow typically grows in northern climates; ours comes from Minnesota. Diamond refers to willow which has been deformed while growing; at spots where branches begin to grow, a depression or diamond shape is formed. Willow is white in color with reddish-brown diamonds. These sticks are air-dried, debarked, and come in sizes 4-1/2 ft. to 5-1/2 ft. long and 1″ to 4″ in diameter.

About John McClung and his woodworking business – Custom Carved Mantles:

Design & Carving by John McClung

Our paths crossed through the Redwood Restaurant in our hometown of Belpre, Ohio.

Beside one of the tables is a post, where John’s carved wooden pastry rolling pin hangs. I had noticed this several times on countless visits during a fine home-made breakfast, lunch or dinner this family restaurant consistently serves.


It seemed, everybody in town knew John, except for me! After missing John at the restaurant many times, it was time for a deeper investigation. As it turned out, John lives just a few blocks from our home! Getting to know John and his wife Georgeanna has been a real pleasure.

John is not only a carver, but an experienced fine woodworker too.


“I’ve lived and worked in the Belpre, Ohio area all my life,” stated McClung,” and graduated from Belpre High School. I attend Washington Technical College and Washington State College. I graduated from WVU@ Parkersburg with an Associates degree in Applied Science. I have taken courses in sign painting and design, and enjoy doing graphic such as sign painting, auto body lettering, and pin stripping.”

John’s story continues, “Traveling through Amish country one year, my wife and I  were looking through  some shops and found a local shop that featured woodcarvings.  My interest immediately peaked and I  introduced myself to the proprietor.  I asked him if he would teach me his craft. Reluctantly he agreed. We had set a date for me to come back. I went back and spend several days with him. Over the years I have taken many classes from  him. We have become good friends and visit him frequently. Through his tutoring and encouragement, I have developed my own style of carving.  I feature mantles carved from old barn beams. These beams can feature oak leafs, acorns, grapes and grapevines, lettering, deer scenes, scriptures, and custom works generated from customer request. “

John added, “Most of my work includes mantles for log homes, custom garden benches, wall hangings, walking sticks, rolling pins and novelty items.”

John concludes, “My desire is to give a prospective customer an item that accents their home or business that will last for generations to come. If you have a request or need information, you can contact me at 1-740-350-3193. Thank you for your interest in my passion.”

John McClung – Custom Carved Mantles

John taught me his craftsmanship of how he carved these two Diamond Willow Walking Sticks in detail using pfeil Swiss made carving tools.
Link back with the Woodworking Adventures Blog for John McClung: How to Carve a Walking Stick – Part 2, coming up next…

Happy Carving…Frank

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