Power Tower

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Overall dimensions: 32"w × 24"l × 761⁄4"h

Ask any woodworker struggling to carve a workshop from a basement or garage, and you’ll learn that the most valuable commodity isn’t tools or materials–it’s space. Often, the worst space-eaters aren’t the tools you’re using; they’re the ones you aren’t. By offering convenient parking spots for all sorts of portable and benchtop tools, this storage tower can help fix your power tool pileup.

This “closet on wheels” features hardwood face frames, a center divider to reinforce the open case, and adjustable sawtooth shelf hangers to make the most of available space. (The plywood sides can provide extra wall space for items such as clamp racks or tool boards.) And when you need even more space, the heavy-duty casters enable you to quickly roll a shop’s worth of tools out of the way.

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