Power Piggy

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Spend an enjoyable weekend wallowing in sawdust while you carve a piggy bank for your pocket change.

If you have always wanted to try your hand at carving, you might get the most instant gratification out of rotary tools. In our opinion, they are easier to use and a heck of a lot faster than carving tools. 

You can make this project even if you have very little carving experience. As Joe says, “The best teacher is OJT (On-the-Job Training).” You can teach yourself over time to master power carving techniques without the hassle of learning to sharpen and wield chisels and knives. Power carving is faster but not necessarily safer, as the holes in John’s pants and shirts — and patches of missing hair on Joe’s chest — attest. Always remember to wear appropriate safety equipment and follow the safety instructions that come with your woodworking equipment. 

A piggy bank such as ours can be constructed from any species of wood. We prefer boards with a lot of grain such as pine, sassafras or other easy-to-carve wood. The grain adds character to the piece and tells the world it’s made of wood, not resin. We also like straight, wide boards, but sometimes you just  can’t find them.  

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