Playtime Easel

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Biscuits and knock-down hardware make for an easy build.

What’s more fun than to build a child’s easel and watch your kids get creative? This stand-up play station offers two artists’ areas: a blackboard with a chalk tray for spur-of-the-moment designs, and a more studious side equipped with an almost limitless roll of drawing paper and a supply box, ready for lasting creations that can be separated from the roll via a clever tearing mechanism. Fun, colorful shapes face-glued to the frame entice youngsters to play. Two of these decorative blocks are outfitted with magnets that mate with magnets in the drawing panel to hold down the corners of the paper. I used cherry for the solid-wood parts of this project, but any clear and relatively straight-grained hardwood will do. This easel is fun to build and makes for an enjoyable weekend project. Consider enlisting a young’un to help.


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