Pizza Lover's Trio

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Make a peel, cutter, and hanger to help with your favorite food.

Overall dimensions: 
Peel: 15"w × 1⁄2"d × 31"h
Cutter: 15"w × 1⁄2"d × 51⁄2"h
Hanger: 15"w × 1⁄2"d × 51⁄2"h

Anyone who’s baked a pizza in the oven knows the hassle of pulling out a hot grate and finessing the pie onto a cutting board with a spatula. Then there’s dividing the pie into cleanly cut equal slices. These problems quickly go away with a pair of pizza specialists, namely, an edge-glued peel and crescent-shaped pizza cutter, both sized for a large pie. To store the complementary maple and cherry set, I designed a simple wall hanger to keep your eye-pleasing pizza helpers at the ready. When you build the trio, expect to find tricks for laying out large arcs, beveling curved edges at the router table, and cutting perfect keyholes.

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