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Show off those treasured tools or any other coveted collection.

We woodworkers love our tools. In part, this feeling is simply a reflection of their ability to aide us in the creation of our projects; but for most of us, our feelings about our tools go a little deeper than that. We see them as beautiful objects, as bits of sculpture crafted from steel and bronze and figured wood, and we prize them the way other people prize valuable coins or jewelry or art pottery.

So it isn’t surprising that we like to display our tools, that we like to present our most valuable and/or beautiful examples the same way others might present a collection of bronze sculptures or Hummel figurines. 

A lighted tool cabinet, such as the one in this article, provides a perfect setting for the most valuable tools in our collections. I built my cabinet at a size suitable for my collection of antique woodworking planes, but it would also work very nicely for a display of coopering or cobbling tools, or a collection of early electric drills. And if the end panels were lengthened and the back panel widened, this cabinet could accommodate nearly any hand-held tool.

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