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Report: Thursday, November 18th:

Report from David personally: Progress is slow, and although slightly stronger than a few weeks ago I am still very weak.

Report: Thursday, October 20th:
David Charlesworth is home and on the mend. Very weak, very grateful and very happy to be alive. Good to hear him sounding positive. Hopes to spend lots of time writing in the months of recovery ahead of him. May be a month before he can start, pretty much bed rest for now. More as it comes.

Report: Friday, October 14th:
David was flown to a UK hospital and is on the mend. Still very weak but has his senses back and is now aware of what is going on. More as it comes.

Report: Wednesday, October 12th:
From John this afternoon through Rob;
They had David up walking for the first time today. Weak as you can well imagine but this is all part of the road to recovery. The intent was to air ambulance him back to the UK today but the doctors want him to be more mobile before this happens. Support has been great as they have had to order more books from the publishers, always a good sign. Cheers to all you supporters of David out there for an outstanding effort of donations and book orders, please keep it coming…Blessings!

Report: Monday, October 10th:
David has now moved out of the ICU into a normal lung ward. He is much better,  still confused at times. Hospital says he needs a lot of physical therapy, not likely to leave Germany until next week. More as it comes.

Report: Sunday, October 9th:
David is still very confused, and will not be transported back to England just yet due to being on intravenous antibiotics. CAT scans of his lung show to be in “unbelievably horrible shape.” David is having trouble seeing things, and tends to see things that are not there. Report courtesy of his wife Pat, and also Rob Cosman.

Report: Friday, October 7th:
Condition same as Thursday. Still on oxygen, medical transport is in the works to get home to a hospital in England, possibly early next week. Thanks for the outpouring of support. More as it comes.

Report: Thursday, October 6th:
Pat said in an email today that David ate a bit of food. He is confused and very weak but showing some improvement. The hospital in Munich is working to get him transferred to a hospital closer to his home in England. He is breathing on his own but still needs oxygen, however this is a big improvement over last week. He will need to be hospitalized for sometime yet, however his condition is looking up. Thanks for your support. More as it comes. www.davidcharlesworth.com

Courtesy of Rob Cosman
- – - – -

This blog is not about sales, Woodcraft, or in support of any marketing attempt for monetary profit. This is an attempt to give back with your help. We have a world renown author, teacher, furnituremaker, and woodworker, David Charlesworththat has done much for the woodworking industry, who now requires our help. If I had to state one word that drives or represents woodworkers and their accomplishments, that word would be “inspiration.” David has been, and still is the epitome of inspiration for many through his woodworking talents. He now requires our inspiration and giving back to him.

David was teaching woodworking classes in Germany, when he was rushed to the hospital with respiratory problems, and other health complications that affect his ability to survive. We all know what it means when we cannot do our craft, as David is currently in critical condition, unable to continue doing what he does best. Without that ability, he acquires no income. His wife Pat, a retired school teacher with limited funds, is trying to handle it all.

That’s where we all come in as a family of woodworkers. I have found that woodworkers do more than just woodwork. Most, if not all woodworkers that I have encountered in my travels, have given back in some way to children, medical causes, the indigent, universities, home school woodworking programs, other woodworkers, communities; all with personal money, time and attention.

David needs our help right now, and time is of the essence. If you can donate a contribution, it will all add up to help David. Your heart-felt gift will not only help with his medical bills, but relieve part of the heavy burden a situation like this puts on a person and a family. When mental and physical well being need to come together to support the healing process, help from the outside can be instrumental in accomplishing a healthy recovery.

Rob Cosman shared with us his support of David stating, “While recovery is the most important, the reality is David, like most of us, needs to work. He derives a part of his income from his royalty on books and DVDs. If you have been considering a purchase, NOW would be a good time, and a great way to show your support. On that note, please be aware that online rentals DO NOT pay the author, and illegal downloads are killing the DVD business.”

If you can help in any way, please send your contributions to:

The PayPal account for David, setup through David’s assistant John at: jklweb@Lineone.net (through Paypal)

You can also order his DVD’s and books through David’s site: www.davidcharlesworth.com.

You may also send your contributions by mail to:

David Charlesworth
Harton Manor
EX39 6BL

Please feel free to spread this word on David’s behalf, and please keep David in your prayers.

Check back on this blog for additional updates on David.
Thanks in advance from all of us at Woodcraft.


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